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Isonate 143L

Modified MDI


ISONATE* 143L modified MDI is a polycarbodiimide-modified diphenylmethane diisocyanate.

Liquid at room temperature, this product has a low viscosity and good storage stability down to

75°F (24°C). The polycarbodiimide adduct offers extra flexibility because adduct formation

is reversible (dissociation generates an additional isocyanate function). The carbodiimide

linkage aids the stabilization of the polymer against hydrolytic degradation. Because this

product can be used alone or in mixtures with prepolymers, its higher functionality offers

faster demold times than is ordinarily possible with linear prepolymers. A unique combination

high modified MDI content, available carbodiimide, and liquid state allows ease of handling,

ease of processing and maintenance of high physical properties under strenuous wear

and environmental conditions.



Reaction of Isonate 143L and Versalink P-1000 to form polyurea





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