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Nitrosyl Chloride Gas


97 - 99% pure



Nitrosyl Chloride gas is a reddish-brown gas with an irritating odor and is very toxic. NOCl is nonflammable. Normally it is shipped as a liquefied gas in nickel or monel cylinders under its vapor pressure of 27 psig (21.1oC). Nitrosyl Chloride is non-explosive but will dissociate into Nitric Oxide and Chlorine with increased temperature. The dissociation is 0.63% at 25oC and 50% at 300oC.



NOCl is used in the diazotization, nitrosation and chlorination of organic compounds. Nitrosyl Chloride is also used as a maturation agent.


Technical Data:



Molecular Weight


Absolute Density (Gas)

2.741 kg/m3 (@101.325 kPa@25oC)

Relative Density (Gas)

2.31 (@101.325 kPa @25oC)

Density (Liquid)

1.417 kg/l (@saturation pressure @ -12oC)

Boiling Point


-5.4oC (@101.325 kPa)


Recommended Cylinder and Valve:

DOT approved Low Pressure Nickel or Monel cylinder with CGA 660 Valve



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