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Laponite® synthetic silicate additives are platelets designed for a wide range of applications. Laponite® additives can generate clear solutions in water. Laponite® additives can be used to generate thixotropy, to control color migration, to develop static dissipative films, and to generate pleasing texture and consistency for personal care products.


Laponite® additives are totally synthetic and have none of the contaminants that might typically be found in a naturally occurring product. Through careful control of raw materials and processing, Laponite® synthetic silicates offer customers the most consistent solution to opportunities which demand superior rheological performance in aqueous environments.



Product                                 Laponite® RD

Description                          Synthetic Layered Silicate

Density                                 21.7 lb/gal

Bulking Value                      0.0461gal/lb

Particle Size                         98% -250 M

Maximum Moisture              10.0%

Application                           Designed to develop thixotropic rheology efficiently in applications with  

                                              adequate free water. For general and industrial use.


Laponite is a unique specialty additive; a layered silicate manufactured from naturally occurring inorganic mineral sources. It is used to improve the performance and properties of a wide range of industrial and consumer products making them more valuable to your customers. There are two key areas of functional use for Laponite.


- Laponite may be added to the formulation of many waterborne products such as surface coatings, household cleaners and personal care products. It will impart thixotropic shear sensitive viscosity and improve stability and syneresis control.

As a film former - Laponite is a film forming agent and is used to produce

electrically conductive, antistatic and barrier coatings.


Grades are available that can give improved rheological performance in “harsh

conditions”, such as formulations that are produced using hard water, or have

very high or very low pH, or have higher levels of surfactant or electrolyte.



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