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Boron Nitride Powder



  • Specifications:   

Boron Nitride Hexagonal


Formula                                  BN

CAS#                                      10043-11-5

Melting Point                          3000oC

Density                                   2.25 gm/cm3



Colorless-white, deagglomerated powder of crystalline high purity Boron Nitride (hexagonal).


Boron Nitride is physiologically inert.


Typical Applications: For all Industrial Applications.


Typical Analysis:


Borates                       < 0.08%

Calcium                      < 0.01%

Carbon                       < 0.1%

Nitrogen                     > 55%

Oxygen                      < 0.6%


Average Particle Size (D50)     3 microns (+/- 1 micron)

BET                                         11 – 16 m2/gm


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