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Titanium Dioxide

Anatase Pigment


Our Titanium Dioxide is uncoated Anatase pigment grade. It is known for its high brightness and blue – white color. This material is very pure, has excellent opacity and is readily dispersible. This grade of TiO2 is recommended for Cosmetic applications where oil is the dispersing medium. This product may also be useful in Food and Pharmaceutical applications.


Properties and Specifications:






Dry White Powder

Color Index Number



6 – 9

+325 Mesh (brushed)

0.5% maximum

Crystal Size

0.21 microns


Typical Analysis:


99.0 – 100.5%

Loss on Drying

0.5% max.

Loss on Ignition

0.5% max.

Aluminum Oxide and/or Silicon Oxide

2.0% max.

Acid Soluble Substances

0.5% max.

Antimony (as Sb) HCI soluble

< 2 ppm

Arsenic (as As) HCI soluble

< 1 ppm

Lead (as Pb) HCI soluble

< 10 ppm

Mercury (as Hg) total

< 1 ppm


Microbiological Analysis Specifications:

Total Amount of Bacteria

100 colonies per gram max.

Yeast / Mold

100 colonies per gram max.

E. Coli

Not Detected

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

Not Detected

Staphylococcus Aureus

Not Detected

Salmonella (in 50 grams)

Not Detected


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