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Nickel-Titanium shape memory alloy, Nitinol, was discovered in 1965. Nitinol is an acronym for Nickel Titanium Naval Ordnance Laboratory, where the alloy’s remarkable properties were discovered. Nitinol is an alloy containing nearly equal numbers of nickel and titanium atoms, leading to its common compositional representation as NiTi. The relative amounts of Ni and Ti can be varied by a few percent in order to control the temperature of the phase change responsible for its “smart” behavior. A more accurate representation of its composition is NixTi1-x.



                                                       NITINOL ALLOY TYPES

High Strength – BA

Superelastic – BB, BC

Body Temperature – (BTR), BD

                                                      High Temperature – B, BH



  1. Typical Target As (austenite start temperature), fully annealed, measured by DSC=-15ºC, -10ºC and -5ºC.
  2. Ap (austenite peak temperature), fully annealed, measured by DSC is on average 10ºC warmer than As
  3. Af (austenite finish temperature), fully annealed, measured by DSC is on average 15ºC warmer than As
  4. Chemistry: Per ASTM F 2063



Interventional cardiology, endovascular surgery and interventional neuroradiology:   AAA stent grafts, PTCA catheter shafts, peripheral stent tubing and interventional delivery systems

Cardiovascular surgery, general surgery and laparoscopic surgery:   Valve sizers, tissue retractors and hand-held instrument components

Sports medicine and spinal surgery:   Bone staples, suture retrievers, k-wires and tissue anchor delivery systems

Urology, gastrointestinal, otolaryngology and endoscopy :  Snares, graspers, esophageal stents and sinus implants

Dental:   Arch wires, orthodontic clips and endodontic files



Automotive:    Sealing plugs and locking rings

Aerospace:     Locking rings, actuators and connectors for electronic and safety devices

Defense:         Specialty antennas, wire, harness & cable

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