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MuMetal®Magnetic Shield Corporation


Purpose:  MuMetal offers electromagnetic field shielding which includes very high magnetic permeability, the ability to absorb magnetic energy. This metal is used for reducing low-frequency electromagnetic interference (EMI).


Specifications: ASTM A-753, Alloy 4; MIL N-14411C Composition 1


Characteristics:  An alloy with exceptionally high magnetic permeability, very low coercive force, very low core losses and low remanence by magnetic field annealing.


Typical Properties (Annealed):

0.2% Yield Strength         49 ksi (338 MPa)

Density                             0.316 lb/in3 (8.25 g/cm3)

Tensile Strength               99 ksi (682 MPa)

Electrical Resistivity         47 microhm cm

Elongation                        32% in 2” (51 mm)

Grain Size                        ASTM 7 or finer (Mill annealed)

Hardness                         15T 85


Magnetic Properties:

DC μ at 40 gauss                              80,000

DC μ at 100 gauss                           105.000

DC μ maximum                                 350,000

DC Hc                                               0.005 Oe

DC Br (gauss)                                   4,000

AC 60Hz μ at 40 gauss                     65,000

(0.014” (0.36 mm) test sample thickness after annealing)


Typical Chemistry:

C           0.015 wt%                Ni           80.20 wt%

Mn         0.50 wt%                  Mo           4.85 wt%

P           0.005 wt% max         Al            0.01 wt% max

S           0.001 wt% max         Co           0.02 wt% max

Si          0.30 wt%                   Fe           Balance

Cr         0.02 wt% max    


             MuMetal is a registered trademark of Magnetic Shield Corporation

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