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Foil, Wire, Strips, Bars and Rods


Molybdenum is a silver, shiny, metal, which like tungsten is located in the transition section of our periodic table with the Atomic number of 42.


Molybdenum has a high melting point (2617oC) which makes it an excellent metal for furnace heating elements, electric lamp filaments and electrodes for mercury vapor lamps.


Formula                                 Mo

Atomic Weight                      95.94

Melting Point                         2617oC

Boiling Point                         4612oC

Density                                  10.22 gm/cm3

Electrical Resistivity             5.7 Ohm cm


Molybdenum Sheet is used for parts manufacturing including lighting sources.

Molybdenum Plate is used in the construction of furnaces.

Molybdenum Rod and Bar are used for electrodes and machining parts.

Molybdenum Wire is used in high-temperature furnaces.


Molybdenum is also used to make Sputtering Targets, Crucibles, Evaporation Boats, and Mandrels for Stainless Steel Tubes.





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