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Indium Foil and Ribbon

Indium is a soft, malleable and ductile metal which is generally unaffected by air or water but is soluble in acids. It is found only in the form of minor components of various minerals and the pure element is produced by electrolytic reduction in aqueous solution. Indium is found in the earth's crust at a level of 0.049 ppm.


Indium is used in the forms of InAs and InSb within the semiconductor industry in thermistors and transistors. As a result of its physical properties, it is particularly suited to being used as a sealing material in vacuum systems and also as bonding material in acoustic transducers. Indium is also widely used in the manufacture of "fusible" materials, a range of alloys which have low melting points and can be used as thermal fuses and solders.


A principal use is in the forming of electrodes for touchscreens and liquid crystal displays. A transparent conductive coating of Indium oxide and Indium tin oxide is applied as substrates to glass in the manufacture of electroluminescent panels.

Indium foil and indium sheet are regularly used as an extremely efficient heat sink for high temperature and cryogenic applications. The semiconductor industry finds indium useful in the synthesis of semiconductor materials for the manufacture of thin film solar cells.




Molecular Weight


CAS Number



Silver-grey solid


7.31 gm/cm3

Melting Point


Boiling Point


Electrical Resistivity

8.37 μOhm-cm


1.7 Paulings

Heat of Fusion

0.781 Cal/gram mole

Heat of Vaporization

53.7 Cal/gram atom at 2080oC

Poisson’s Ratio


Specific Heat

0.056 Cal/gm/K at 25oC

Thermal Conductivity

0.818 W/cm/K at 298.2 K

Thermal Expansion

32.1 μm.m-1.K

Young’s Modulus

11 GPa

Hardness (Mohs)



Our Indium foils and ribbons are available from 99% up to 99.999% pure.



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