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Rhenium (metal) Powder


Rhenium is a rare element and does not occur in quantity in any ore. It is found in ores which contain molybdenum from which it can be readily recovered. The metal is obtained by hydrogen reduction of the potassium perrhenate salt, obtained by precipitation of the perrhenate ion (ReO4) - from an oxidized solution.

Rhenium is a silvery colored metal which resists corrosion and oxidation but slowly tarnishes in moist air. It is soluble in nitric and sulfuric acids.


Applications: Rhenium metal applications include its use as an alloying element with tungsten, the resulting alloy having a very high electrical resistance making it suitable for electrical filaments. Rhenium has a very high melting point and is used in high temperature thermocouples, electrical contacts and thermistors. Rhenium is used in platinum-rhenium catalysts which in turn are primarily used in making lead-free, high-octane gasoline and in high-temperature super alloys that are used to make jet engine parts. 




CAS Number



Grey to dark grey powder


Hexagonal structure

Particle Sizes

-325 mesh, -200 mesh, -100 mesh, < 5 μm

Formula Weight

186.21 gm/mol

Melting Point

3157 – 3181oC

Boiling Point

5627 – 5900oC


21.02 gm/cm3

Mohs Hardness



≥ 99.9%, ≥ 99.99%, ≥ 99.999%


Rhenium is also available as foil, pellets, slugs, rods and wire forms.


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