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Magnesium Oxide Powder



95 – 99.999% pure


Magnesium Oxide Powder is a white solid mineral occurring naturally in nature as Periclase and is a source of Magnesium. It has the empirical formula of MgO.




Formula                                   MgO

CAS Number                           1309-48-4

Formula Weight                     40.30

Appearance                            White Powder

Odor                                         Odorless

Density                                     3.58 gm/cm3

Melting Point                          2852oC

Boiling Point                           3600oC

Solubility in Water                 0.086 gm/L

Crystal Structure                    Cubic

Refractive Index                     1.735 (nD)




MgO is used as a desiccant because of its moisture absorbency, in medicines for relief of heartburn and as a laxative. In industrial and laboratory use MgO is used as an insulator in industrial cables as a basic refractory material for ceramics and as a fire proofing material. MgO is used extensively in electrical heating as a component of “CalRod” style heating elements. MgO is pressed into optical materials and melted to form optical single crystals for infrared optics.


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